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Sweet Thanks: The Academy Spotlights Behind-the-Scenes Oscars Staff

Who's doing the make-up and running errands at the Oscars? Find out.



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    Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
    Thanks, everyone! A cheerful video pays homage to the people who put on the Oscars.

    If you've organized and ensembled and managed anything, from a school play to a talent show to business convention to a family reunion to the Oscars, you know one thing for darn sure: The success of the enterprise rides on the whole, not the few.

    And, true, that last thing we mentioned -- you're probably familiar with the Oscars, yes? -- is about spotlighting, in large part, the above-the-titlers, those movie superstars tasked with carrying a film's opening weekend, as well as the writers, directors, and producers and creative talents steering that cinematic ship.

    But? But. You know and we know and everyone knows that the Oscar show isn't just about who is being honored. It's also about the people making it, those committed and hurried and occasionally harried people who want to ensure that the world's most famous paean to the film industry goes smoothly, successfully, and delivers a dose of kapow that's as big as a tall gold man holding a sword.

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences couldn't pull off the annual extravaganza without the make-up artists and the craftspeople who manage the red carpet and the musicians and the cooks and the mondo team responsible for the Oscars.

    The behind-the-scenes team get a charming shout-out and mondo gratitude from the Academy in a video released on Saturday, March 1. Nope, the cameras rarely venture too deeply off-stage during the big night, but this video does, heading into the green room, the prep areas, and, yes, the kitchen, where Wolfgang Puck makes a cameo.

    Above-the-titlers, all.

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