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Synchro Style: Swim Lessons with the Aqualillies

Learn pretty precision at the Annenberg Community Beach House.



    Synchro Style: Swim Lessons with the Aqualillies
    Want springtime swim lessons with the Aqualillies at the historic Annenberg Community Beach House? Resident registration for the springtime classes opened on Feb. 5.

    It's a fact o' modern life: The Busy-o-Meter tends to spike in the autumn and wintertime.

    Maybe the additional constraints of the school year or the workplace or holiday events or all of the above have us running, or perhaps it is that age-old feeling of needing to be industrious as the days grow shorter.

    But when they grow longer? Hoo boy, all bustle-bustle bets are off. That's when people start to use the word "chillaxing" more in everyday conversation, and they consider taking up a summer-sweet hobby: rollerblading or fishing or movie-style synchronized swimming.

    That last pursuit is perhaps not as high on many bucket lists as it should be, but then not everyone gets to be a student in an Aqualillies course. The famous swim-cap'd wonders of the water cameo in music videos and at (literally) splashy Hollywood parties, yes. But the troupe plans to take happy pause in late April to teach a Sunday evening routine workshop at the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica.

    The six-Sunday course'll teach a bevy of moves that might have never crossed your mind, even if you've been a lifelong aqua aficionado. "Skulling techniques" is one line on the syllabus.

    So are "torpedoes" and "tuck turns." And all along we thought that cannonballing and the backstroke were the main things to do in a pool.

    The dates are April 27 through June 8. Locals have first crack at sign up, starting on Feb. 5.

    You won't need a gorgeous swimsuit or flowery old-school cap to swim, just a sense of adventure and a love of learning something new in the recreation-loving sector of your life. And since the night before Monday often gets ribbed in pop culture, spending it in a pool by the beach learning synchronized swimming seems a way to cast off those end-of-the-weekend blues.

    Yep, and you'll perform a routine on the final night. Ohhhh. Nervous? In a nice way? Good.

    Is this you? Do you wig out over water so much that you've practically grown gills? And can you smile each time you surface, with dash and aplomb, just like the Aqualillies do? Then move those fins and snag your spot. The cost is $160 for a half dozen sessions that'll last 75 minutes each.

    Spring evenings and longer days, we're waiting. Not patiently, but we're waiting.