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Take a POV Ride on the 2018 Knott's Coaster

Breathe a few deep breaths and board HangTime, via video, and see what that talked-about drop is like.



    Take a POV Ride on the 2018 Knott's Coaster
    Knott's Berry Farm
    Can't wait to try out HangTime at the Buena Park theme park next summer? A new video gives the curious a chance to ride its extreme drops and curves.

    What to Know

    • HangTime opens in summer 2018

    • Riders will experience a raised 96-degree drop on the dive roller coaster

    • Buena Park

    Riding a buzzed-about roller coaster a whole half year ahead of its opening?

    Unless you have a time travel machine handy, that's probably not going to happen. And if you do, you likely have already experienced the attraction multiple times. And, if that's the case, we're not jealous, though maybe a little bit, though probably a lot, like a lot a lot.

    Be not blue, though, if visiting 2018 and all of its wonders isn't something you're doing these days. Those of us currently lacking a time travel machine may now enjoy a new POV video of one such wonder, one that gives prospective roller coaster riders a chance to eye all of the twists, turns, loops, and scream/laughter-summoning moments on the upcoming ride.

    Knott's Berry Farm knows that HangTime, one of its major debuts for the summer of 2018, is already making waves among coaster enthusiasts and theme park mavens, though "waves" isn't quite the right word.

    "Zooms"? "Drops"? Both are more apt.

    For HangTime, "the only dive coaster on the West Coast," promises to "...send riders up a vertical lift hill into a raised 96-degree drop — the steepest drop in California," revealed a park representative.

    The halt at that high point will give riders a brief and possibly/probably powerful feeling that the track beneath them has disappeared.

    Eek? Eek. But in the best sense, of course, if extreme coasters are your personal playtime passion.

    If you need to experience what that might be like, right now, as soon as possible, at least via an animated POV sneak peek, you can: Knott's Berry Farm recently posted a video showing the "hang" at the top of that biiiiiig drop, as well as the whole run of the ride.

    Buckle up, smile at the friend sitting at your side, breathe some lung-filling breaths, and then push the little arrow that'll send you on this virtual journey, months ahead of HangTime's opening.

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