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Tam O'Shanter's Great Wall of Scotch

The historic restaurant turns to its mondo cabinent for a tony tasting.



    Tam O'Shanter's Great Wall of Scotch
    Tam O'Shanter
    Seen the new cabinet at the Tam O'Shanter? It's been dubbed "The Great Wall of Scotch" for a reason.

    Between the Tam O'Shanter's Robert Burns birthday dinner in January and the Queen Mary's ScotsFestival over Valentine's weekend, a kilt-loving Angeleno can look forward to rocking their favorite look during several points during the winter.

    But there are other opportunities, including local Highlands athletic meet-ups and scotch tastings. The Tam O'Shanter is about to have one -- a scotch tasting, that is, not a caber toss, which might be a little hard in the nook-like restaurant -- and kilted scotch aficionados are welcome.

    Of course, you can don pants, too, on Wednesday, Feb. 19. The Mid-Winter Scotch Dinner sounds plenty cozy for a February that's been on the balmy side, so if you need to jumpstart that brisk-weather feeling, this is a fine event to do it at.

    How fine? Well, consider that the Great Wall of Scotch came into being during the Tam's recent refurbishment. Picture over 100 single malts, all lined up, for admiring and, yes, sipping.

    If ever there was a local place for a Scotch dinner, this is it.

    A five-course supper will be served alongside five notable single malt scotches, and the pairings? They're robust, hearty, flavorful, and made for enjoying in a timber-laden spot (thank goodness the historic Atwater Village eatery delivers on that front). A sample pairing? An Arran Port Cask matched up with cedar-plank wild salmon and dill potato gratin.

    You'll feel as if you walked to the Tam through a heathery moor after dining on that.

    The cost is eighty dollars, not including tax and tip. Kilts aren't required, but if you have one, and don't wear it, will you spend the evening telling your co-diners that you own a kilt but forgot to don it? Don't disappoint.