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Taste of Farmers Market: Tickets Available

The sample-something-from-everywhere day returns at the lively landmark.



    Taste of Farmers Market: Tickets Available
    The Original Farmers Market
    Taste of Farmers Market says "cheers" on Tuesday, July 14. Tickets are forty bucks ahead of time, $45 at the door.

    Public markets, those all-sorts-of-foods-in-one-place places, are perennially popular, and always have been, and with fine reason: The eats tend to be affordable and the choices vast.

    But regular customers who frequent such places can be lulled by the "next time" effect. Next time I'll have the shrimp/burger/croissant/nachos, next time I'll try that coffee place, next time. For while variety reigns, we are indeed creatures of snacky habit, returning again and again to our favorite dishes.

    The Original Farmers Market has a savory solution. In honor of its anniversary, and as a way to showcase the many yummy wares of its dozens of food-making tenants, it throws an annual bash called Taste of Farmers Market. The eat-a-wide-swath-of-goodies happening just happens to be on July 14, which just happens to be the 81st birthday of the longtime landmark at the corner of Third Street and Fairfax Avenue.

    If you buy your ticket ahead of the to-do, which is on a Tuesday, then it is forty bucks. At the door? The price moves to $45.

    And if you need a way to describe it to your pals, to get them to join, here it is: Every restaurant/stand/booth at the Market will have a tidbit for you to try. The 2015 theme is "Best Bites," so count on munching on the most asked-for dish/nugget/snackable of each restaurant inside the green-awning'd, clock-tower-topped market. 

    Think tastes, not full meals, but trust, that's a-ok: You'll need room to try all, if not most. Call it a marathon of the fork.

    Past bites have included fried shrimp from Tusquella's, little mini burgers from Huntington Meats & Sausages, and chilaquiles from Loteria.

    Tunes shall serenade your snacking and beer and wine samples will be on the pour for the 21+ crowd.

    And don't you want to wish Farmers Market a happy 81st? And don't you wonder how many bagels and omelets and turkey sandwiches and ice cream cones have been enjoyed within its lively labyrinth-like walls over the last eight decades? And isn't a rather charmed night to be able to try a lot of what makes it famous, food-wise, all in one go?

    Yep, market mavens are creatures of habit, like all humans, but when coaxed to broaden our cuisine favorites, they'll do so, with gusto, a roving fork, and an I-bought-a-ticket wristband. Get yours now.

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