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Tax Day: Your Restaurant Deals

Have a few dollars left over? Local eateries provide some April 15 love



    Tax Day: Your Restaurant Deals
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    Need a little something special on April 15 without spend a wad? A few LA eateries are lending solace and good supping. (Photo Illustration by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

    The middle of April has its charms -- little birdies tweeting, buds bursting, and so forth -- but for some it also signals a certain amount of stress.

    It shouldn't be that way. Tax Day will come every year, so embracing it is key.

    Still, if you had a little succor thrown your way, in the form of discounted beverages and eats, that wouldn't be too bad, either. (And figure all of the emotional snacking you participate in while doing your taxes; Uncle Sam must get many forms with potato chip stains near the corners.)

    A few LA restaurants have an eye to Monday, April 15, and those Tax Day deals which are now as regular and unwavering as Tax Day itself.

    The Bowery: The swanky, Sunset-based burger joint is offering a free drink. Call it The Refund -- that's a snap to remember -- and get it gratis with any appetizer and entree you order at lunch or dinner.

    Plan Check: Cocktails swirling with fancy ingredients seem to generally be the stuff that Saturdays are made of, but when Tax Day is a Monday, things change. The Strawberry Tequila Daisy -- made with blanco agave and fresh strawberries -- will be priced at $8 on April 15 at the Sawtelle eatery. The Gamma Ray, too, will be an $8 drink (that's got pisco and midori).

    Ra SushiHappy Hour at the restaurant chain is going mega on Tax Monday, as in 3 p.m. to closing. Stop by the post office, send that envelope off, and make for a bar stool or seat for that "another year's been wrapped" cocktail. Just make sure you've got your designated driver on hand if you intend to stay for most or all of this impressively large Happy Hour, tax filer.

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