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Tea Time: World's Biggest Boba Coming to Arcadia

The towering tea will make a cameo at the Arcadia event's August edition.



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    Boba? It's popular around the globe (like this photo snapped in Germany). But the World's Largest Boba Tea is set to stand tall in Arcadia on Saturday, Aug. 3. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

    There are many beverages in this world that are nearly as filling as a meal. Consider smoothies, which are pretty hearty, and shakes, too. There's the Bloody Mary camp, a group that might argue that all of that celery and garnish adds up to a satisfying eating experience, and anybody who likes a cream-based drink.

    And then you have the Boba-ists. A boba tea is indeed a tea, in all of its different incarnations -- think green, black, peach, mango, and hundreds of other variations. And then, on the bottom? Those luscious, glistening, huge tapioca pearls. It's the pearls that fill the tea drinker right up.

    Now picture the World's Largest Boba Tea and all of the pearls within the Taiwanese treat. Filling, right? Beyond? A big boba might be the ultimate filler-upper to arrive in a glass. And the 626 Night Market is ready to take the challenge on at its Saturday, Aug. 3 event.

    The market, which is devoted to Asian foods, sips, sights, and sellables, will unfurl at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia.

    626 Night Market didn't meet its Kickstarter goal for the mega boba cup, but a number of businesses are lending support. Meaning that the six-foot plexiglass vessel, which will be filled with 320 gallons of tea, could very well be a reality come Aug. 3.

    Oh yep, and the straw will extend above the cup for over three feet, making the full beverage 12 feet tall.

    That's a lot of boba, and probably gianter than any boba you've ever consumed. Just a guess.

    And after it is displayed by the park's Front Garden Paddock at 5 p.m. on that Saturday? Well, the sipping will begin for a "limited number of people." Make sure to be at the market early, in other words.

    Cheers to you, dear boba, and the other hearty libations of the world. May your tapioca, straw-stopping pearls continue to fill tea lovers around the globe for eons to come.

    Note also that this is the final 626 Night Market of the summer. It's last night rolls on Sunday, Aug. 4, though, again, the boba flows on Saturday, Aug. 3.

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