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The $1 Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich

Little Tokyo's Sandwich Smith marks its first year with a fan-nice deal.



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    Sandwich Smith
    Pick up an Original Sandwich -- that's buttermilk fried chicken and other goodies -- at the Sandwich Smith for a buck on Saturday, March 22. The Little Tokyo eatery is celebrating its first birthday.

    One of the great things about a well-planned birthday party is that the gift-giving goes both ways. Sure, you might arrive with small token for your pal, but you might also depart with a goodie bag, full of candy or treats or toys.

    And one of the great things about a business marking a big anniversary is when the business embraces the "goodie bag" spirit. In short, the customers win, not the birthdayee.

    Little Tokyo's ever-popular The Sandwich Smith will do just that on Saturday, March 22. It's marking down its ever-popular -- we used "ever-popular" twice there, it is true, but only because we really mean it -- Original Sandwich to a buck in honor of the sandwichery's first birthday.

    One dollar, one year? Yes and yes.

    If you know The Original, which is fast-tracking to become an iconic local staple, you know that buttermilk fried chicken is the centerpiece. Cheddar cheese, garlic aioli, pickle chips, tomato, and creamy coleslaw bring up the complement-the-main-ingredient rear.

    Seriously? One of those things, on its own, is probably note-worthy.

    If you can't make it to The Sandwich Smith during the daytime hours on March 22, for your super-special $1 sandwich, mark the following week on your calendar. The space transforms into Fickle by night, and there shall be a bunch of one-dollar dishes from Monday, March 24 through Thursday, March 27.

    Roasted bone marrow among them. Bet you never got that in a childhood birthday goodie bag.

    So are you up-to-know on your one-buck deals? The Original is a dollar on Saturday, March 22 at The Sandwich Smith; Fickle, which is the same space, only at night, will offer a few dollar-only plates from the following Monday through Thursday.

    Happy birthday to the Japanese Village Plaza favorite. And may you be an inspiration to all restaurants marking a first birthday, the fabled "we made it!" date in a restaurant's journey.

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