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The 25-Hour Audiobook Marathon

Hear -- and watch -- some of the region's top readers, live in Burbank.



    The 25-Hour Audiobook Marathon
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    The 25-Hour Audiobook Marathon dons the headphones and speaks clearly into the mic from Saturday, Nov. 9 to Sunday, Nov. 10. (Pictured: Ramon de Ocampo and Renee Raudman)

    Book lovers are a passionate bunch, no doubt. Not only are favorite series and tomes regularly recommended, but scenes are parsed, moving sentences recalled, and characters spoken of as if they were family or foe.

    Audiobooks, too, inspire such reactions, but with a twist. Regular users think of the narrator as a friend, a warm-voiced presence in their car or home or earbuds. It adds a new dimension to how we take in a tale.

    And while many audiobook buffs have had marathon listens over long car rides -- think seven or eight hours -- surely nothing can top The 25-Hour Audiobook Marathon, for sheer audacious length-a-tude. Nope, it isn't a single reader reading aloud over a day plus an hour, but a whole line-up of popular local narrators doing their dulcet-toned thing.

    The marathon is set for Saturday Nov. 9 to Sunday, Nov. 10 at the Victory Theatre in Burbank. Start time is 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, meaning the end time is 7:30 p.m. on Sunday.

    That's a lot of words. But every one of 'em will come with feeling: It's a fundraiser for Bob Deyan, a longtime audiobooker, and the ALS Association. Mr. Deyan has been diagnosed with ALS.

    And the narrators who'll be out supporting Mr. Deyan? They include Scott Brick, Renee Raudman, Tom Kelly, and Vanessa Hart, as well as a few celebrity guests (hi, Marion Ross of "Happy Days").

    If you can't decide where to jump in during the 25 hours, check it out: Various times of day are tied to various genres. So of course "Thriller/Mystery" hits near the witching hour, at 10 p.m. on Saturday night. Romance swoons at noon on Sunday. A dozen genres will be represented in all.

    A ticket to each specific genre read is $15, though the opener -- Children's Lit -- is $10.