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The Edible Emmys

Casey's Cupcakes has whipped up a sugary salute to the nominees.



    When you're a show creator launching your first or fifth or tenth series, you have a few dream-sized goals in mind. 

    One? Make characters that audiences can relate with (and, if they can't, make sure those characters are flawed and fascinating). Two? Try and make it past six or ten episodes first, before shooting for your second season.

    And three? Should your show get nominated for an Emmy Award -- le ultimate in Small Screen Land, of course -- definitely ensure that a sugary treat is baked in homage. No joshing here; if your series shows up in cupcake, pie, or cookie form somewhere in Southern California, you have Made It, capital M, capital I.

    Pie and/or cupcakes in the sky, indeed.

    Casey's Cupcakes is offering a quartet of treats that pay tribute to four of the 2013 nominees: "Game of Thrones," "Behind the Candelabra," "Downton Abbey," and "Nashville."

    Rooting for one or all of 'em in their various categories come Sunday, Sept. 22? Perhaps a bite of each cupcake should be taken whenever the announcer reads the show's name. Call it the dessert version of the classic drinking game.

    But should you want the Emmy cupcakes, best call Casey's ahead of the big show and place an order. Locations include Orange County and Riverside.

    If you didn't get your Emmy invite -- don't worry, we're crossing our fingers that it will happen someday for you -- you can get up close to the characters of the nominated shows, or at least their rather glorious costumes, at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising downtown. The current exhibit spotlights dozens of outfits from nominated shows and television movies, including the four shows listed above plus "Scandal," "Smash," and other series.

    It's free to see but closed Sundays and Mondays.

    This may not be your year to accept the shiny statuette, or even go to the show, but you can cupcake it up at home and costume it up downtown, which sounds pretty fine to us. Plus, you get to skip all of those paparazzi flashbulbs popping in your face as you walk the red carpet. Phew, right?