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Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globe Awards

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The Golden Globes + The Beverly Hilton = Legend

The hotel is the one star of the awards night that's always asked back.



    The Golden Globes + The Beverly Hilton = Legend
    Beverly Hilton
    The Beverly Hilton pool, a place that's just about the starriest swimming hole in all of California. The Hilton has been home to The Golden Globes since 1961 (Angelina Jolie jumped in this pool after her 2000 win for "Gia.")

    When you're a movie star on the ascent, the principal matter on your mind isn't necessarily about that coveted awards season invite or nomination.

    It's about getting asked back in the years to come.

    And the "getting asked back" part of Hollywood is the stuff stories are built on, whether one is asked back to a film franchise or a studio or The Golden Globes. Getting asked back means you've not only arrived but you're here to stay. (Something a bit hard to achieve 'round Tinseltown.)

    But there's one star that always gets asked to a particularly high-profile event. It's attractive, in-demand, and doesn't mind sharing its age (60 years old in 2013). It's The Beverly Hilton, the longtime home for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association-bestowed awards.

    The 2013 Golden Globes roll on Sunday, Jan. 13 from the Beverly Hills landmark's International Ballroom. (Surely you knew that was the exact name of the room in which the Globes are handed out, right? Good.)

    The Golden Globes have been held on that very spot for over a half century -- 1961 was the kick-off date -- meaning that, as awards show locations go, it has legs. The Oscars at one time were held in hotels, the Hollywood Roosevelt being its first location, but the Golden Globes is the premiere event to keep to this old Hollywood tradition.

    It becomes something of "its own city" during the weekend of the Globes, according to a hotel representative, but it isn't just about actors and their agents (which makes us think of another interesting bit of Globes-Beverly Hilton trivia: Agents and publicists watch the show from a nearby room and not the International Ballroom). It's about the press, too, and fans who plan their year around nabbing one of those highly sought stay-over packages.

    The Beverly Hilton offers a few every year, to non-Hollywood folk, but they are in demand. Wait lists start years in advance.

    Two more parts of the hotel we're rather sweet on during the awards show: The grand driveway, a circular sweep that gets fully red-carpet'd out (and becomes rife with entertainment reporters all vying to chat with the nominees). And one of the hotel's kitchens, which serves as a quick passageway for the winners who must speed between the International Ballroom and the smaller ballroom holding the electronics-laden media camp.

    Walking through a hotel kitchen is so old-school.

    Also old-school? Jumping in the pool to celebrate. Angelina Jolie jumped in the swimming pool pictured above after her 2000 Globes win for "Gia." Which makes it, in our book, one of the most legendary swimming holes in all of California.

    Other hotel swimming pools of Los Angeles? Aren't you a wee bit jealous? Admit it.

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