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The Headshot Truck: Pro Pics in a Jif

Thespians, good news: Your photographer can come to you.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    The Headshot Truck
    The Headshot Truck, an "all-inclusive, mobile photography studio" aimed at giving actors great pics on the run, is roaming the streets of Southern California.

    While movies may frequently portray the business of being a Hollywood actor as an especially lounge-oriented one -- poolside script-reading, drinks on Sunset, easy hobnobbing in big Malibu manses -- local thespians know the truth.

    There are voice lessons. There are accent workshops, which are different voice lessons (you want to get that Midwest vowel sound just right). There are agent pep talks and auditions and sitting on Santa Monica Boulevard and Highland Avenue feeling stressed about missing your manager meeting.

    And headshots? Hoo boy. So very important, but arranging them and making them happen? It's a thing. Thank goodness The Headshot Truck is on the streets of Southern California, providing an "all-inclusive mobile photography studio" for the always busy actor.

    Surprised? Don't be; trucks on the go have moved way past the donut-and-taco variety. Knitters' trucks, gardening trucks, book trucks -- they've all been wheels down around the region.

    Founded by former actor Adam Hendershott, the truck wants to "enable and empower every actor to produce a solid set of headshots without breaking the bank or wasting time, so they can move onto other things, like say, focusing on auditions, acting classes, and agent meetings."

    Good stuff. KPCC reports the truck-taken pics run about $250 (and every actor worth his high-wattage, cheek-testing smile knows headshots typically cost more to significantly more). There's a deluxe package, for $750, that goes well beyond the "1-2 looks" of the $250 package.

    Question: Would you feel more at ease sitting a vehicle in your own driveway, smiling for the camera? Perhaps, right? At least you can dash inside and grab a different shirt, if the first one you chose isn't working.

    For all the mobile-star-maker details, look here, Tinseltowners with a tight schedule.

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