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The Margarita's Salty Holiday

Blended or on ice? Salt or no? Flavored or straight up? Take your pick.



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    Friday, Feb. 22 is National Margarita Day. Where are you going for your salted rim of goodness?

    There are two types of people in this world: those who drink margaritas and those who do not. And there are two types of people who drink margaritas: those who will go for flavors and fruit additions and half blended, half ice and those who 1,000,000% refuse to take their drink in any other way than on the rocks, with ice, and a premium tequila, and salt.

    We're happy to say that there seem to be no hard feelings between these two groups, groups you often see splitting chips and salsa at various restaurants while enjoying their favorite margies. (Oh, and there are two more groups: those people who call margaritas "margies" or other twee names and those who perhaps wisely refuse.)

    February 22 is National Margarita Day, a holiday that many a margarita maven 'round Southern California might see as just another 24 hours in a long string of margarita-loving days. Because, truth? It's always kind of National Margarita Day when you live near taverns and taquerias and eateries making the World's Yummiest Margaritas. (World, we are open to your response, but, please; you know this is a thrown gauntlet that cannot be meekly taken back; LA's margaritas rule.)

    Where should you mark the occasion? Perhaps...

    Casa Vega (we know we hardly even had to expend the energy typing those two fabled words, but type them we will). It's still the doyenne of Ventura Boulevard in the margarita department. El Cholo, which basically has deservedly won every Best Margarita title since Best Margarita titles were invented. There's El Carmen, on West Third, which has the patent on low lit, forever hip, tequila-sipping spots and Redondo Beach's Ortega 120, which serves up a powerful and flavorful classic version.

    Or La Velvet Margarita Cantina? It's velour-textured, B-movie aesthetic still charms, and while a mango margarita always tempts, we lean Bloody Maria. (What? We can't love on Bloody Marys in a margarita post? Of course we can.) And a Border Shaker at any of the Border Grills lends a gentle conviviality to any Saturday afternoon. Plus? Prettiest margarita glasses in town.

    Oh, and Red O? You've heard they do a margarita called The Benjamin, yes? It's only available on Fridays and Saturdays and is filled with fancy-dancy top-shelf elixirs. What's the cost? You get one hundred guesses.

    We know, we know, we didn't name your favorite secret amazing spot, and you're ready to throw your own gauntlet. That's a-ok. Part of loving the things that LA does best is getting a bit huffy and possessive of our finds. But sharing is better, especially over a pitcher of blendeds.

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