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The Million Puppet Parade

"Bring your own puppet" to a whimsical Third Street Promenade gathering.



    The Million Puppet Parade
    Million Puppet Parade
    Have puppet, will go to Santa Monica: The Million Puppet Parade whimsies things up on Sunday, April 6.

    If you've been to the Third Street Promenade chances are remarkably high that something sitting on someone's hand, or dangling from strings, has waved at you.

    That's because buskery has long reigned in Santa Monica, and outlandish street acts of every sort. Puppets fit right in with that scene, of course. So well that every puppet in Southern California will be packing their little puppet bags and making for the Promenade on Sunday, April 6.

    Okay, probably not *every* puppet in all the land -- that would probably mean the 405 would be bumper-to-bumper puppets -- but a whole bunch. The event is called The Million Puppet Parade, after all, so organizers are look for reams and reams of felt to show up.

    Well, felt after it has been made into a small figure that can fit on someone's hand or arm, of course. It's not called "The Million Felt Bolt Parade." That's something totally different.

    The free-to-watch event -- it starts at 11:30 a.m. -- is part of the larger LA Puppet Fest, which is ongoing, with multiple merry events, through April 13. But, you betcha, puppets out in force on Third Street Promenade is one of the two-week festival's camera-ready showstoppers.

    There's a puppet-making workshop ahead of time, at 10 a.m., and a puppet dance off. What? We don't even want to know. We want to be surprised and delighted in the moment.

    All puppets are welcome, by the way, if you want to march with your favorite finger puppet or full-body 12-foot wearable cloak figure. Please. Who'd turn any puppet away from such a happy, springtime strut?

    Here's what we're thinking about: The first-time-to-LA tourists who show up on the Promenade that day unaware of what's going down. Do we kind of hope they think our city, which has a rep for the outlandish, throws a puppet parade every weekend?

    Yeah, we're hoping that. So puppets of SoCal, grab your people and go Santa Monica.