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The Pier-to-Pier-to-Pier Run

Jog from Belmont to Seal Beach to Huntington Beach.



    The Pier-to-Pier-to-Pier Run
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    Hoof it from the pier at Belmont Pier to Seal Beach Pier to Huntington Beach Pier (pictured) on Saturday, May 10.

    Most runners, we'll wager, tend to cover the same routes each morning, turning left at this one traffic light, going right at the pet store.

    But running is as much about keeping the mind lively as it is about the body, of course, which means unusual pathways are often key to an excellent jog. Take Justin Rudd, the helmer of Long Beach's famous Haute Dog parades. He's ran every public street in his city over much of 2013, and a little of 2014.

    Every. Public. Street. In Long Beach. Whimsical, staggering, and major.

    The man clearly knows how to change up a run, and he's about to do it again. Saturday, May 10, he'll lead a group of runners from one pier to the next pier to the next pier.

    Yep, we have a few piers here in Southern California, so knowing which piers will be visited will give you a clue to the length of the run. The Pier -to-Pier-to-Pier run, which is free to join, is a little over 12 miles long, if that helps with your guess.

    Nope? Need more? Okay, fine: Participants will head out from Belmont Pier to the Seal Beach Pier ending at Huntington Beach Pier.

    It's a sidewalk run, with no street closures, so there are important safety matters to keep in mind. And relay teams are a-ok, as is running for a favorite charity or group.

    Seeing a trio of piers over a sunny Saturday seems like a very Golden State way to change up your exercise. Yep, people the world over will be jogging on that day, but there are only a few places on the planet as bestowed with pretty pier-type points along the way as Southern California. Lucky us that we can add those to our runs.