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The Sippable Sawtelle: Cocktail Monikers Go Local

Try a Palms or a Bundy at Santa Monica's recently debuted The Independence.



    The Sippable Sawtelle: Cocktail Monikers Go Local
    The Independence
    "Cocktail Master" Vincenzo Marianella is serving up the Sawtelle and other libations with local names, at The Independence in Santa Monica.

    Angelenos are used to seeing the names of our well-known boulevards and streets on posters, T-shirts, and in the background of television commercials, but it less common to spy them on a beverage menu.

    Less common, perhaps, but still charming, especially if the street in question happens to be in your neighborhood or the drink uses ingredients you favor.

    The Independence, which debuted in Santa Monica at the beginning of February, has such locally monikered sips, including The Sawtelle, which includes citroen vodka, fresh kumquats and blood orange, honey-ginger syrup, and lime bitters. As for The Palms? Look for — or taste for, rather — cilantro, white grape juice sans the seeds, sparkling wine, fresh lime, and elderflower liqueur.

    And The Bundy? That's the sweeter selection, made sweeter still by chocolate ice cream. The libation component? It's almond liqueur and orange bitters.

    Maestro of the Shakers is Vincenzo Marianella, who has created and burnished beverages from Valentino to Providence. Look for Mr. Marianella's Market Menu cocktails. Order one and you may find what's in your glass well-herbed or quite jammy. (Jam seems a most excellent sweetener for a sip needing more oomph.)

    Your designated driver will want to try the glass-bound creations as well, so direct your pal to Marianella-created sips that include local fruits and veges but skip the spirits. Ginger beer, coconut water, and more flavorful and alcohol-free additions lend the kick.

    As for the food? Think posh tavern tastes, with a solid sea food section and bar bites such as a hangar steak skewer with chimichurri sauce. As for the location? Catch the Big Blue Bus for Second and Broadway.

    As for whether you'll see your street on a commercial or T-shirt? Give it time: SoCal boulevards have a way of finding stardom, eventually, like so many other things in this town.

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