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"The X-Files" 20th Anniversary Night

The Hero Complex Film Fest pays tribute to creator Chris Carter.



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    The X-Files
    "The X-Files" creator Chris Carter will swing by the Hero Complex Film Festival to mark his show's big 20th. It happens May 12 in Hollywood.

    Fandoms are organic, undulating, ever-changing entities, but one thing that can be counted on is this: Lovers of a show or a book or a star or a game or a movie want to interact with that property as often and as richly as possible.

    Sometimes years after it ends. Strike that -- often years after it ends. Exhibit A? "The X-Files," which still has a seriously robust fan base, a base newer series probably envy (Can you imagine the vigorous tweeting over Flukeman or Eugene Tooms if internet socializing had been at the place it is now? Hoo boy).

    But the show doesn't pop up as conventions as much as genre siblings like "Star Trek" and "Battlestar Galactica." So when creator Chris Carter shows at a festival -- in this case the much-loved-upon Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Film Festival -- it's like a big valentine to "The X-Files" fandom.

    Mulder and Scully turn 20 this year -- or at least their alien-packed, mystery-laden, wry-dark series will, in September -- and the fest will mark that occasion on Sunday, May 12 with a special evening feature Chris Carter.

    The festival, though, will spotlight several creative types and properties over its three-day run at TCL Chinese Theatres. Guillermo del Toro will be in the house, talking "Pan's Labyrinth" and such, and "Halloween" head man John Carpenter will be there, too. It's star power to the nth for speculative, sci-fi, and horror fans.

    The fun bit about the Hero Complex Film Festival? Special surprise guests always show up. The unfun bit? Tickets fly faster than someone wearing a cape.

    We did want to pause and note "The X-Files," though, if only because it doesn't turn up on panels and at cons nearly as often as fans might wish. Also, it is turning 20? Are you having a "how can that be?" moment? 

    And what tiny airshaft do you think body-shifting mutant Eugene Tooms is sitting in, waiting, biding his time? Let's hope he doesn't have the address for the Chinese Theatre.

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