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Those Horns: Maleficent's Headwear To Go On Display

El Capitan will feature Angelina Jolie's pointy-topped accoutrement.



    Those Horns: Maleficent's Headwear To Go On Display
    Frank Connor, ©2014 Disney Enterprises
    The "Maleficent" horns will go on display at the El Capitan in Hollywood starting on Thursday, May 29. Photo (Credit: Frank Connor. ©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

    Fact: There isn't an object in the world that can upstage Angelina Jolie, in any shape, form, or size, but a certain sinister head-topper made a run for attention when the "Maleficent" trailer debuted at the beginning of the year.

    The title character's magnificent twistastic horns received a lot of press, with film fans favorably comparing them to the animated Maleficent's horns of 1959's "Sleeping Beauty." In no time etsy shops and costume outlets and a host of craft destinations were paying homage via headbands and hats.

    But what of the real thing you'll seen on film, atop Ms. Jolie's most noble noggin? Those horns shall be ensconced in Hollywood proper, as they should be, when the Disney film opens on Friday, May 30. The El Capitan Theatre will feature the already iconic headpiece, and more props from the film, including pieces from Aurora's bedroom and Maleficent's gown.

    Wait, did we say "May 30" there? That is indeed the film's official release date, but the Disney-owned El Cap has two special May 29 screenings, for those Mal mavens who can't wait.

    The film'll run from May 29 through July 17, and magician Greg Wilson will do the prestidigitation thing, with wows and flourishes, through July 6 before every screening.

    Questions: Can a particularly scary set of head horns make a splash as a trendy bit of warm-weather headwear come summer? Will the Maleficent horns be a favorite at Halloween? When will we see the first horns on someone walking around Hollywood Boulevard? And are they rather hot atop the head?

    It isn't often that a costume-y piece makes a splash ahead of a film's release, but these horns are proving otherwise. Other films everywhere, be inspired.

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