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Time-Lapse Treat: The Beverly Hills 15,000-Piece Cake

Did you eye the mondo Beverly Hills 100th anniversary treat? See how it came together.



    Time-Lapse Treat: The Beverly Hills 15,000-Piece Cake
    Beverly Hills 100th Anniversary
    Chef Donald Wressell poses next to the gigantic cake saluting the 100th anniversary of Beverly Hills. The cake went on display, and was devoured, on Sunday, April 27.

    How do you bake a cake?

    Every cook approaches the process a little bit differently, but you can bet certain steps are headed, from tying on an apron to counting eggs to greasing pans to sifting flour.

    Creating a 15,000-piece treat, a sweet that hits the scale at 4,000 pounds, is another matter. You're not melting a stick or two of butter so much as assembling a crack team of cuisine artists who know how to build a marvel out of batter, icing, and gumption.

    Such was the case at the the 100th anniversary for Beverly Hills. You heard about the carnival on Rodeo Drive -- did you try out the Ferris wheels? -- and you heard about the homespun tributes to a city that's known less for its everyday ways than its glitter and glam.

    But did you nab one of the 15,000 slices of Chef Donald Wressell's cake? The epic assembly began in the pre-dawn hours of Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel and continued into the morning out on Rodeo proper. Chef Wressell, the corporate executive pastry chef for Guittard Chocolate Company, masterminded the project, one that was planned out months in advance.

    Which means that no one had to run over to the nearest Rodeo Drive neighbor for an extra egg or cup of chocolate chips.

    Want to see the edible marvel come together? There's time-lapse video, video that reveals a process so grand of scale that it makes any package at-home cake seem like a snap by comparison. Should we home cake makers all be thinking much, much bigger?

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