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Time Travelers Wanted: LA "Doctor Who" Costume Ball

Don your best Dalek get-up and make for Wilshire Boulevard.



    Time Travelers Wanted: LA "Doctor Who" Costume Ball
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    Will you meet these baddies on Saturday, April 13? You might if you attend the "Doctor Who" Costume Ball at Whimsic Alley on Wilshire Boulevard.

    If you know the world of genre fandoms -- think "Star Trek" to "Star Wars" and beyond -- you know that many a fan is a supporter of multiple properties and characters. Few people ever remain in one column, where speculative entertainment is concerned.

    Thus it makes sense that readers who love the world of Harry Potter might get into the whimsical space-y television doings of "Doctor Who." There's evidence to support this: A major fan fiction site shows over 600 fan-penned crossover stories between the two worlds.

    Six. Hundred.

    So when a Doctor Who costume ball shows up in the Great Hall of Hogwarts, no one should be surprised. It's a pretty natural pairing, in short, and it is one that will be on full display on Saturday, April 13.

    That's the date when fans of a certain time-traveling adventurer will show in costume at Whimsic Alley, the Harry Potter store on Wilshire Boulevard near Miracle Mile. Of course, Whimsic Alley is a supporter of The Doctor and other genre favorites, but a boy wizard is the main star of the shop.

    What will you see at The Time Lord's Costume Ball? A lot of bowties and Doctor-style sartorial touches, we imagine, but probably a lot of villains, too. It's hard to make a Dalek costume, with all of those little metal orbs. Cheers to you if you make a go at it.

    If you can't make the time-traveling to-do, be sure to check out the Great Hall some time at the store. It's behind the main shop and impressively sized; lots of birthdays for little Los Angeles wizards are held there.

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