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Tour a (Pasadena) Castle by Night

One of the most mysterious buildings in all the land opens up.



    Tour a (Pasadena) Castle by Night
    Castle Green
    Experience "Moonlight at the Castle" -- that's Castle Green, in Pasadena -- on Friday, June 6.

    Not only is Southern California home to some of the most varied architecture on the planet -- some good buildings, some less than good, some full of wow and some full of how??? -- there are a few special structures that continue to capture local fancy.

    We speak of the "what is that?" structures dotting our region. Walt Disney Concert Hall gloriously qualifies -- we're still in the silver artichoke camp, a total compliment -- as does the Chemosphere, all spaceship-y and window-laden.

    Pasadena's Castle Green is as mysterious and regal as all get-out, and it can still make people who've lived here for years ponder if it really was indeed a castle, or a hotel, or a home for an eccentric painter who favors storybook settings.

    It's kind of all three. Magic, right? Yes. It was a hotel at one time, it is a castle, and certainly in name, and it is home to a bevy of artists. Those creative residents open up their apartments a couple of times a year to lookie-loos like us, and the next stroll is upon us. It's Moonlight at the Castle, "a public tour of more than 15 unique Castle residences and the Penthouse."

    The oh-so-plucky Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys will provide the musicale diversions at the June 6 to-do, and wine and refreshments will be keeping the crowd lively. Cost? Forty bucks.

    You can bet there's be a slightly dressy vibe to this jazz, so wear that cloche you bought but don't know what to do with.

    Also, the Castle's Penthouse? Yeah, it's pretty time-machine-y, as SoCal spaces go. Thank goodness we live in a region rife with such wondrous buildings, some good, some not quite hitting the mark, and some truly a fantastical vision, a ponderous pile both beautiful and slightly foreboding. (Much like a storybook castle, of course.)

    Castle Green, you're firmly in that last category.

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