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Touring Warner Bros. with a Warner

Heading out on a VIP tour of the studio? You may meet Cass Warner.



    Touring Warner Bros. with a Warner
    Warner Bros. Tours
    Jump on a Thursday lunchtime VIP tour at Warner Bros. Studios and learn in-depth background tidbits from Cass Warner, Harry Warner's granddaughter.

    People who love the history of movies can't merely love the history of movies. New knowledge has to forever be procured -- what star was passed over for what role to the chagrin of what studio boss -- and it has to be procured in interesting and one-up-man-ship ways.

    Truth? It's a charming part of the cinephile's passionate, film-fan-ing life.

    And insider-y charms don't come more familial than what goes down at Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank every Thursday lunchtime. That's when Cass Warner joins to VIP tour, for a spin around the fabled, backlot-beautiful spread.

    Sharp eye there: Her last name is Warner. And while other Warners have likely taken the VIP tour before, few to none can claim Harry Warner, one of the original Warner brothers, as a grandfather.

    Which means this: A Thursday lunchtime Deluxe VIP roll with Ms. Warner comes with a dash of inside-quaint flair. "Inside" because Ms. Warner is indeed a Hollywood Warner -- that's her initial, in all respects, up on the watertower -- and quaint because her stories come with a dose of granddaughterly affection.

    Ms. Warner is also the author of "The Brothers Warner." We're just betting you've already read that, though, right, old Tinseltown buff?

    Another starry slice of old-movie-town goodness: It's the studio's 90th this year and a new speaker will be invited each month to talk on a topic that is chock full of Warner-Bros.-iana. Speakers from "all different aspects of the studio" will be on the list, so keep an eye on the tour site for the whens, wheres, and whats.

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