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Turkey Trot: Canned Cranberry Costumes On, LA

The annual Thanksgiving morning run is a feast for the eyes (and funny bone).



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    Lei Wang
    Could you run five kilometers dressed as canned cranberry? Fingers crossed. The annual Turkey Trot takes to the streets of Long Beach on Thursday, Nov. 28.

    If you had to dress up as a dish from the traditional Thanksgiving spread, what would you pick?

    No, this isn't the sort of Thanksgiving dinner conversation starter your Uncle Mike asks when all other non-controversial chitchat dries up (although it probably should be).

    Rather, we're wondering aloud here because when SoCalers head for the annual Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot in Long Beach, and many regularly do, a lot of them will show wearing turkey outfits, stuffing get-ups, even full-on canned cranberry suits.

    And, yes, there are always a few human-sized spoons and forks in the mix, usually arriving in pairs. (We don't want to know how it is decided who gets to be the fork and who will be the spoon.)

    That's because the Turkey Trot makes for a merry morning. It's a big-hearted event that's devoted to fitness, for sure -- runners hoof it over five and 10 kilometers -- and it is one devoted to helping others. Long Beach's Community Action Team is the chosen charity of the event.

    It also gives participants lots of chances to discuss how they're pre-running off all of those mashed potatoes they'll consume later in the day.

    And speaking of mashed potatoes... we're pretty sure we haven't seen that costume yet at the Turkey Trot. Nor the green bean casserole, the one with the fried onions on top, nor the olive relish, nor the gravy boat. And, seriously: Will no one dress as the humble but satisfying dinner roll?

    Please, people. Think outside the stuffing box.

    The runs are staggered throughout the morning, giving hoofers plenty of time to get home and set the table. And while most people don't go in costume, bet if you turn up, to cheer the runners on, you'll spy a Tom or two.

    The annual Long Beach Turkey Trot is set to gobble gobble on Thursday, Nov. 28.