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UK + CA 4ever: BritWeek

A fortnight-long party spotlights British contributions in California.



    UK + CA 4ever: BritWeek
    BritWeek, which is really BritFortnight, kicks off in Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 23.

    London and Los Angeles are sometimes said to be twinly, in the sense that they're both big, vigorous metropolises that easily mix the modern with the historic. Thriving entertainment and art industries complement each, as does a spirit of innovation and occasional outlandishness.

    That there's a lot of crossover between the two, and Britain and California in general, does not escape the notice of the organizers behind BritWeek. The fortnight-long celebration of British contributions to the Golden State is set to kick off on Tuesday, April 23, and the events are plentiful.

    And not just entertainment-based. Yes, it's true that thousands of Brits call LA home, but many are here for pursuits outside of making movies. BritWeek spotlights a rainbow of industries, including science, fashion, and the auto industry.

    The events are plenty gamut-y: A Brits in Hollywood bus tour on April 27, and urban art auction on April 29, a David Bowie Celebration on May 2, and a tour of downtown buildings designed by British architect John Parkinson on May 4.

    Rugby, teas, and the charmingly named "Keep Calm and Robertson" -- a look at the Brit stores of the mode-forward street -- are also on the schedule.

    There's a lot of "Downton Abbey" in the house this year, as one might expect. An example? "Mannerhouse Manor -- An Unscripted Edwardian Drama" on April 28 at ComedySportz Theater.

    Nope, LA isn't London nor is London LA, but the simpatico between the two means BritWeek fits like a hand in a glove. We're picturing the glove to be very Lady Mary -- velvet, and posh, of course -- or perhaps something sparkly, like David Bowie might have worn during his Ziggy Stardust era.

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