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Valentine's Day: The Top Facebook Check-Ins

Where are SoCalers landing on Feb. 14 (and telling their pals about)?



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    The Stinking Rose
    What's LA's top restaurant in terms of Facebook check-ins on Valentine's Day? Why it's The Stinking Rose.

    There are the places we go in the world, and then there are the places we go that we tell other people about via a handy megaphone called the Internet.

    But the places we share and the places we don't provide a field day for social scientists. Few people check in on their favorite social media site from a teeth cleaning -- although goodness knows that's changing -- but lots of people want their entire circle to know they're currently boarding the Matterhorn.

    So where do lovebirds head around Los Angeles on Valentine's night, the places they want to get a little braggy over?

    As you might guess, Facebook knows. And the social media titan is sharing some of its Valentine's data, just in time for the hearts-and-flowers holiday. Included in the data? This is pretty fun: Facebook has rostered the top ten restaurants for Valentine's dinner check-ins over the last four years.

    In short: Where are couples landing locally for the year's biggest romantic meal?

    The Abbey made the list, at number 9, as did Lawry's The Prime Rib in Beverly Hills (which landed at number 8). La Barca Grill & Cantina sits at number 3 and downtown's Bottega Louie is macarooning things up in the seventh slot.

    And number one? Get garlicky, lovers: It's The Stinking Rose on Restaurant Row.

    To see the heartsy hotspots around town and find out if your Valentine's pick made the popular cut, you can eye all here (including other cities). What we want to know is this: What nice eateries are low on the Feb. 14 check-in love-a-thon? 

    People who love to tell everyone where they're at, lend a little amour to those spots, too. Isn't Valentine's for spreading the good feeling, after all?