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Valentine's Zoo: The ABCs of Animal Amour

Call it the most adult night of the year for the birds-and-bees-y spot.



    Valentine's Zoo: The ABCs of Animal Amour
    LA Zoo
    Sex and the City Zoo? Yep, it's all about the birds and the bees. The pre-Valentine's treat unveils the facts and quirks behind animal mating and such, on Saturday, Feb. 8.

    It's a rare day when an animal park puts up the 21+ requirement, but bet it is one of two things.

    The first? A beer or wine festival, where, yes, you have to be of age to enter.

    And the second? It's Valentine's Day, or nearly, and the theme is animal courtship. Nope, animal courtship does not involve the giving of flowers and chocolates, but there are myriad mating habits which can trump what we humans do for pizzazz, strangeness, beauty, and sheer wow.

    The Los Angeles Zoo will delve into the topics of l'amour d'animals on Saturday, Feb. 8. The event's name? Sex and the City Zoo, so, for sure, this is an adults-only deal. Michael Dee, former Los Angeles Zoo curator, will give "a provocative presentation about animal mating, dating, and cohabitating."

    Ahem. You know that'll get plenty juicy.

    Musical entertainment and a four-course dinner option are also on the roster for the Valentine's-y event. GLAZA, or the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, is the beneficiary of the evening's proceeds. But even if you don't do dinner wine and desserts shall be served as you stroll by the animals.

    Oh, and this is sweet: Some small beasties'll be out with the keepers. Prepare to pepper staffers with question, regarding the romantic habits of the critters in the spotlight, because every critter has got 'em.

    You know the lyrics to "Let's Fall in Love," yes? Sing along now: "birds do it, bees do it..." The LA Zoo shall confirm this fanciful ditty as 100% true on the Saturday before Valentine's Day.

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