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Vintage Meows: Adorable Cat Videos 1.0

Get ready to find your inner feline on Fairfax Avenue.



    Vintage Meows: Adorable Cat Videos 1.0
    Intercat '69
    Adore an old-school feline romp caught on film? Intercat '69 meows at the Silent Movie Theatre.

    The internet, with its newness and wowness and meme-tastic ways and trendy flavor-of-the-days can often give the impression that it invented everything, ever, no discussion, the web is #1.

    Incorrect, of course. Exhibit A? Cat videos. Roly-poly kittens walking across piano keys are just about the most famous and beloved sight associated with this not-so-newfangled invention. But know this: The internet did not invent the cat video.

    For once upon a time, in a long ago era, there was the cat film. Felines on celluloid proceeded URLs and social media by decades, and early audiences, people that recognized a hashtag as being the bottom right-hand button on a telephone, loved their cinematic kitties just the same as we modern screen-starers do.

    The Cinefamily, that mirthful group of movie lovers stationed at the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax Avenue, has a soft spot for all things whiskery. So the big proverbial ball o' yarn shall be rolled out on Wednesday, May 6 for cat films of the past.

    Intercat '69 is "10 fantastic flights of feline fancy guaranteed to out-fascinate the laser pointer, a scratching post, and a year's supply of catnip combined!" Cute. Look for cat-tastic films created around the "advent of 16mm," films created by a host of independent filmmakers back in the day.

    Are they black & white? They are. Will you see your own cat's great-great-grandma up on screen? Possibly. Will there be kittens? THERE WILL BE KITTENS.

    Typically we'd apologize for going the all-caps route, but where kittens are concerned, one must.

    The feline festivities kick off at 10 p.m., so this is for the late-night cat aficionado. Will seeing a host of films made decades back give you a fresh perspective on the many meowable videos that come down the internet pike, daily? Hourly?

    That's up to you, of course. But we can see that cats of any era love to play, clean their faces, nap, and tug at our human heartstrings.

    Lost & Found Film Club: INTERCAT '69 from Lost & Found Film Club on Vimeo.

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