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Vintage Screens Shine: Last Remaining Seats

Nab your tickets to a great flick from the past shown in a great cinema.



    Vintage Screens Shine: Last Remaining Seats
    Last Remaining Seats
    Tickets are now on sale for the 2014 Last Remaining Seats film serie, which pairs classic flicks and beautiful movie palaces.

    Remember the old-school movie overture?

    The velvet curtains generally remained closed, across the screen, as people hustled into their seats getting popcorn absolutely everywhere (including their neighbors' laps). It was a nice moment, a way to hear the music to come, a pause to think about the film ahead.

    We like to think of the LA Conservancy's late winter announcement of Last Remaining Seats, its early summertime cinema spectacular, as analogous to the old-time cinema overture. Yep, the preservation organization is just announcing, not selling tickets, so you have time to soak in the movies to come.

    But those tickets just went on sale to the general public, so, in essence, that movie-style overture period has drawn to a close. The credits are rolling, things are happening, and if you want to score a seat for "West Side Story" at The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, act now, act fast, and get on it with a clip clop.

    There are other treats in store, including a first-day-of-summer screening of "Back to the Future" at the newly renovated The Theatre at Ace Hotel and Luis Bunuel's el gran calavera at The Palace on June 25. And rounding out the series on June 28, at The Orpheum, is "Citizen Kane.

    We think we've heard of that one. Hmm. It'll come to us.

    The 8 p.m. screening of "Back to the Future," by the by, is sold out, but matinee seats are available. No joshin', no overture-musical analogies, just straight talk: Many, many people like to see movies in historic movie palaces, which is at the heart of this cinema series, so buy if you're gonna.

    You totally want to find out what "Rosebud" is, right? Don't let that eat at you any longer.