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Vintage Swank: Casino Moderne Night

Sip Sidecars and revisit the 1920s alongside other swells.



    Vintage Swank: Casino Moderne Night
    Chris Launi
    Casino Moderne summons the spirit of the 1920s at the Los Angeles Athletic Club on Saturday, Feb. 8.

    There are plenty of sites that delve into contemporary slang and lingo, with new and byzantine entries popping up each and every day.

    And do some words have multiple meanings, depending on where they're used? Oh goodness yes, so tread carefully, language lover.

    But "the bee's knees" is not misunderstandable, nor is "hotsy-totsy" (something we all should be calling the special someone in our lives). Slang of the '20s is colorful, is what we're saying, and if you feel rather sorry you don't find many opportunities to use it, make for the Los Angeles Athletic Club on Saturday, Feb. 8.

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    That's when swells of all sorts'll be flapper'd up and rolling the dice at Casino Moderne, a fundraiser for the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles. The annual hoopdidoo features "vintage style, legal gaming tables... in the oldest club in Hollywood." Not to mention those potent Prohibition era cocktails. Stiff stuff, those were, yes sirree.

    The whole night'll have a "Boardwalk Empire" vibe, in fact, so doll up in the style of the HBO series. Sidecars, a pasta bar, and Roulette are three more time-specific -- or just delicious -- touchstones of the night.

    Cost? Sixty five bucks. Or do we 65 clams? Lettuce? Bones? So many fine words for cash back in the day.

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    And we're not going to use slang when we say what we're about to say, because we must be direct: The Art Deco people LOVE, all capital letters love, to dress up. They're the revelers who romp about the Queen Mary in fancy pajamas every Labor Day Weekend. So if you're not in a suit and fedora, best scram

    Oh, we went and used "scram" there. Well, 1920s slang is too tempting. And is there a better word for "get lost" than "scram"? No there is not, pally.