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Voices Together: Disney Hall "Messiah" Sing-Along

You can warble with the great choral work, or hear it sung.



    Voices Together: Disney Hall "Messiah" Sing-Along
    Craig Schwartz
    Shine that voice inside Walt Disney Concert Hall during the annual "Messiah" sing-along on Dec. 7. Want to hear it without the audience joining? The LA Master Chorale will perform it on Dec. 17 and 22.

    Life doesn't present too many opportunities where we can both join in a cultural event or stand apart and watch a seasoned group of pros take the reins.

    But the annual "Messiah" presentations at Walt Disney Concert Hall give fans of what is, without quibble, history's most recognizable choral piece -- "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" -- the chance to both sing along and hear it performed, in magnificent fashion, by that aforementioned unit of professionals.

    Those professionals? The Los Angeles Master Chorale, of course. Some of the most sublime voices around will take on Handel's seasonal, spirit-stirrer of a piece on Wednesday, Dec. 17 and Sunday, Dec. 21.

    Nope, you won't be singing, unless you're in the Chorale. Nope, neither should your neighbor. This is a sit-back-and-let-the-notes-wash-over-you kind of experience.

    If, however, you are able to sing the "Hallelujah" chorus like nobody's business, and frequently practice in the shower, in the car, and in the kitchen, then the Sunday, Dec. 7 concert is for you. This is the sing-along, the one you're invited to warble with, and, for sure, the Los Angeles Master Chorale will be in the house, or, er, the hall, lending their diaphanous tones to to the towering work of music.

    It's year 34 for the popular sing-along, and Director Grant Gershon shall be at the baton-wielding helm. And, worry not: You'll get some lyrics to follow along with, lest the lively nature of the event stir your spirit too much.

    But, is that possible? The "too much" part? It's good to get a bit swirled come the sparkly season, especially by a piece that's recognizable from a mere three or four notes. How many choruses, songs, or riffs can stake that particularly epic claim?

    Making the singing all the more epic is you'll be joined by some 2,100 other Hallelujahers inside one of the most acoustically awesome buildings in this solar system.

    We can say that, right? Because when this joyful choral coming-together comes together each year, Disney Hall does indeed feel like it might out-awesome every other cultural institution on this side of the Milky Way.

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