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Walk Bike to School Day

Kids, parents, teachers, and communities will take to the sidewalks to support exercise and good health.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    Ready to bike it or walk it to school? There's a nationwide day for that. Walk Bike to School Day is on Wednesday, Oct. 9.

    What's the most oft-cited "we had it harder than you" parental story, a story that's riffed on time and again and in multiple ways?

    Yep, it's some version of the "I walked nine miles to school, in the snow, and it was uphill both ways." Ba dum tish.

    But children, back in our grandparents' and parents' day, very often walked or cycled to school; any film from the 1950s through '70s shows a throttle of kids rolling into the schoolyard. Walk Bike to School Day pays homage to that past, but also to a healthier future, where kids get some exercise and fresh air as they head to and from the place they go each weekday.

    Walk Bike to School Day is on Wednesday, Oct. 9.

    The nationwide happening started in 1997 as a part of Partnership for a Walkable America's imitative to "build" awareness and support for "walkable communities." Since that time, Walk Bike to School Day has grown in stature, presence, and the variety of events springing up in cities across the land.

    There are nearly 500 events throughout California planned for Oct. 9. Los Angeles alone has 41. Is your school on the list? Get in touch with the organizer and find out how you and your children can play a part.

    And while your child may return to his or her bus or car share on Oct. 10, it will be a fine reminder that a bit of strolling and a bit of exercise is a good thing. And all of those funny family stories out there, about walking up a hill to school both ways, actually hold some charm and appeal.

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