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Walking for Boston in Sherman Oaks

A group will gather in Sherman Oaks to raise funds and show support.



    Walking for Boston in Sherman Oaks
    A fan shows city support during a baseball game in Boston, Saturday, April 20, 2013. Angelenos are invited to "Walk for Boston," and wear or display Boston gear to lend cheer, in Sherman Oaks. Date: Tuesday, April 23. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

    There are many American cities, from metropolises to one-stoplight towns, but there are only a few places that feel like they belong, in a way, to all of us.

    Boston qualifies.

    Perhaps it is its prominent place in our history, or the fact that there's such a plethora of schools there (we all probably have a friend's college sweatshirt we need to return), or the knowledge that it is an interesting, dynamic burg full of characters and character.

    So when a walking event is organized to lend raise money to help the city and its people in the aftermath of the marathon bombings, and organizers call on attendees to wear their Boston best, it isn't surprising to learn that a lot of SoCalers do own Boston-proud togs of some sort.

    Put on that big B hat or your Red Sox t-shirt and make for Sherman Oaks on Tuesday, April 23. A group is gathering to walk at Sherman Oaks Park on Hazeltine Avenue at 7:30 p.m. Walk as well as raise money, we should add.

    The One Fund Boston will be the beneficiary. Only checks will be accepted. Details on donations are at the site (at least a dollar is requested).

    Now what will you wear? Your MIT gear? Something from a Boston-based show you worked on? You have something.

    If you don't, there are tips on printing stuff out to pin to your shirt. You could even just go with a hope-filled message made by pen or make-up, as one young fan recently did at a Red Sox game.

    Whatever you go with, just rock something to show the city we send some Boston-sized support from the West Coast.

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