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Weekend: 75 Root Beers, One Fizzy Taste-Off

Galco's Soda Pop Stop is laying it down the flavor with the barkiest beverage.



    Weekend: 75 Root Beers, One Fizzy Taste-Off
    The Great Root Beer Taste-Off foams it up at Galco's Soda Pop Stop on Sunday, July 20.

    THE GREAT ROOT BEER TASTE-OFF: Soda comes in 9,897 flavors now, give or take, but back in the day, when polished marble counters with stools were just about the only place you could procure the foamy beverage, root beer truly ruled the school. Galco's Soda Pop Shop in Highland Park gives that most vintage of pop some libation-y love with a grand tasting on Sunday, July 20. How many bevs'll be up for sipping? Count 'em: 75 root beers. C'mon, have you only ever sampled like three in your life? Branch out (root beer joke).

    GLENDALE CRUISE NIGHT: It's all in the numbers, or mostly. Picture over 350 cars parked along Brand Boulevard. Make that pre-1979 cars, so, yep, tail fins shall be large and space-age-y swoops shall be pronounced and muscle cars will be making a fierce cameo. Cost to stroll? Nada. Number of years this has been going down? Twenty one. The Cruise Night deserves its crown as one of SoCal's favorite fender shindigs. Saturday, July 19

    RYMAN ARTS SHOW: Summer is prime time for seeing some of the best student and recent graduate artwork exhibitions around the city, and Ryman Arts artists are displaying some of their best paintings and works at the California African-American Museum in Exposition Park through Saturday, July 19. CAAM is also hosting an off-site bus tour of the Hancock Park and West Adams homes designed by the great Paul Revere Williams on July 19 as well. Do both? Absolutely.

    "ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES": Look, we are 100% not going to lay the finger of blame on any killer tomatoes messing things up, behind the scenes, at the Old Pasadena Film Festival. But the campy classic was supposed to open the fest in early July and, alas, an electrical problem arose. The happy do-over has arrived, and the not-too-fearsome film will screen in Central Park on Sunday, July 20. Seriously, killer tomatoes, do not mess with the electrical this time around. Be polite. Please. Thank you.

    U.S. AIR GUITAR SEMIFINALS: This is where the true masters of invisible instruments come out to play. Did we say "play"? We meant rock it hard, strum it soundly, and give it all they've got. The dials'll be cranked, the speakers primed, and the not-really-there guitars gingerly removed from non-existent cases at The Troubadour on Saturday, July 19. Are you ready to rock? Well, duh, right? Always.

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