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Weekend: Cherry Blossom Festival

Spring's sweet buds are abloom at Descanso Gardens.



    Enjoy the Cherry Blossom Walk and Talk during a spring weekend at Descanso Gardens. Also, free spring concerts at CityWalk and big discounts at LA museums. NBCLA.com managing editor Jon Lloyd has details on the Scene, broadcast Friday March 22, 2013 on Today in LA. (Published Friday, March 22, 2013)

    CHERRY BLOSSOM TIME: It's a flower that can stop traffic (if you've ever seen a gust take down thousands of petals, you know what we mean; people promptly pull over to watch). And it is synonymous with our nation's capital. But Descanso Gardens has a number of trees, too, and on Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24 flowery homage shall be paid. Are you more of a bonsai buff? The Huntington's venerable Bonsai Show happens over those same days. And, get excited: Over 100 specimens will be on display. Gorgeous specimens, if you know the Huntington (and we think you do).

    DISCOVER THE ARTS: Getting a museum-based 2-for-1 deal, or a steep discount, or another choice freebie, is not something to take lightly; figure you're pocketing cash for a later coffee, some postcards, or even a donation to some other cultural cause. This all-over-the-city push is meant to get locals out-and-about, the better to enjoy a bevy of lookable, listenable things at dozens of places. It's on through April 26.

    LEBOWSKI FEST: Call it one of the quintessential quirky Los Angeles films. Call it the perfect beach-happy noir. Call it an important movie in the unsung history of Dude-ism. And call yourself there, with shaggy hair and your oldest robe, on Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23. Rampant White-Russian-ing is set to go down at the Saban Theatre and Fountain Bowl.

    LOS ANGELES COUNTY SCIENCE FAIR: We like to think every day is a science kind of day (and so it is, what with various laws of physics in constant effect). But Saturday, March 23 will be highly science-y at the Pasadena Convention Center. That's the day the public is invited to come see what our smartest young scientists have developed in the way of cool experiments and high-minded projects. A lot of us are probably now fondly recalling the hasty paper mâché creations we once made, but the amazing work on display at the fair is truly beyond.

    FREE CONCERTS: Warmer weather must be due -- ha ha, who are we kidding, it's here, rejoice! -- if the free music shows are heating up. Universal CityWalk is first out of the gate with its 5 Towers shows. The deal? Concerts on Friday and Saturday nights, starting March 22, all the way through April 20. Fridays are "Street Performer" nights, Saturday are all about "Emerging Artists." Again, free. Again, outdoors. Again, warmer weather. Summer, stop flirting with us.

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