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Weekend: CicLAvia Returns to Wilshire

Over 100,000 people are expected to pedal and stroll.



    Weekend: CicLAvia Returns to Wilshire
    Ready to join 100K+ people for a cycle or stroll down Wilshire Boulevard? CicLAvia is back, urban adventurers.

    CicLAvia: Wilshire Boulevard was, in large part, built as a strolling street, at least in spots like Miracle Mile. Strolling sorts will once again reign, and many, many bikes, when CicLAvia returns for another free cycle spectacular on Sunday, April 6. When we say "many, many bikes" what do we mean by "many, many"? Oh, over 100,000 people showed the last go around. Food trucks, entertainment, pedestrian-only zones, and arty happenings shine brightly beyond the spoke-related fun.

    ¡Taco Madness!: Eaters who dig tacos -- so all eaters, right? Thereabouts? -- know there's no sense in pitting taco maker against taco maker. Wellll, the competition can be fun, and lively -- the Saturday, April 5 event at Grand Park does have the element of "who makes the best tacos" to it, courtesy of a Groupon/LA Taco bracket vote -- but the chomping down is the most important part. You've chomped down on a taco or five before, right? Yeah, we knew it.

    Thai Songkran Festival: It's the beautiful celebration of the new year. Make for Hollywood for cooking demos, martial arts, dance, kickboxing, a Heritage Village, food, art, food, and food, and more food. Did we mention the amazing eats? Deliciousness awaits. It's on the boulevard -- traffic is closed for a good portion of Thai Town -- and it happens on Sunday, April 6.

    Street Icon Goes Museum: Ever stare completely transfixed at the towering inflatable figures that bend and dance in front of car washes and dealerships? Several will cameo in the courtyard at the Hammer Museum on Saturday, April 5 (and the following Saturday as well). A four-hour avant garde minimalist composition, complete with movement and voice, is the centerpiece of the free happening.

    LA Puppet Fest: The strings'll reign through April 13, but if you want to see a bunch of puppets on the march -- er, via their human besties -- make for Third Street Promenade on Sunday, April 6. That's the Million Puppet Parade, and while a million puppets might not show up, you can bet there'll be a mess of zany furry characters sitting over people's arms. Wait, can we say that? You do know that's how puppets talk, right? Or are the puppets actually controlling the humans? Dun dun dun.