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Weekend: Delish Eats, From Watermelon to Gyoza

The sweet 52-year-old Sunland fest makes a roll for the Rose Bowl.



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    The Rose Bowl welcomes watermelons -- many, many watermelons -- for all-you-can-eat-ing over the Friday, Aug. 16 through Sunday, Aug. 18 weekend.

    WATERMELON FESTIVAL: Attention, lovers of juicy summertime melons that are red and flush with small seeds: Have you been making for Sunland for the last 52 years, the better to get your watermelon-eating on? Best change course. The half-a-century-plus melon merriment has left its longtime home -- more space was needed, is why -- and made for the Rose Bowl. Free, all-you-can-eat watermelon awaits you at the Pasadena landmark, after you pay admission. Get sticky from Friday, Aug. 16 through Sunday, Aug. 18.

    GYOZA-EATING CHAMPIONSHIP: And speaking of a good deal of deliciousness, the World Gyoza-Eating Championship is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 17 at the JACCC Plaza in Little Tokyo. It's one of the savory centerpieces of Nisei Week, and while registration is closed, you can always cheer on those go for the ultimate gyoza record. There shall be lots of dumpling-yum for sale in the area, too, including Double Trouble Cheeseburger Potstickers -- uh, !!! -- and chipotle BBQ potstickers, too. Nisei Week wraps on Sunday, Aug. 18.

    TOUR DA ARTS, VOL. 5: Spend a sunny summer Sunday rolling on your cycle around Santa Monica, with the occasional stop to take in a dance performance or something else nicely, brain-fillingly cultural? That's what this Santa Monica Museum of Art bike bash is all about. The date is Aug. 18 and there are a number of to-dos centered around the museum's Bergamot Station location. Physical activity and cultural activity are most excellent partners, indeed.

    LA TACO FESTIVAL: What makes the perfect taco? Is it all in the tortilla or the shell or the wrap or is the filling the deal-breaker (or the deal-maker)? Quibble about that, happily, between bites, as you make for Mariachi Plaza on Saturday, Aug. 17. Daniel's Tacos, Tacos El Gallito, and other purveyors of one of the culinaryverse's most perfect foods will be doing their tasty thing.

    HELLO, TOBY: Harbor seals and Southern California are a solid twosome, but seeing a wee barker up-close -- or fairly up-close -- doesn't always happen. The Aquarium of the Pacific, however, has a new pup in residence. Toby is the first male Harbor seal to be born at the Long Beach aquarium, and he made his official public debut on Wednesday, Aug. 14. And when we said he's "wee," well, we meant in seal terms: That bouncing baby boy is now around 70 pounds.

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