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Weekend: Downtown Bookfest, Bubblefest, a Costume Sale and More

Poetry, performance, and words, words, words fill Grand Park.



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    Grand Park
    Downton Bookfest celebrates words in all of their whimsical and wonderful ways on Saturday, March 28. The Grand Park gathering is free.

    Downtown Bookfest: Grand Park has been the scene for some mondo concerts, our city's splashy al fresco New Year's Eve parties and this annual treat which is all about the written word. Oh, and the spoken word and discounted books and poetry writing and cookbook swaps and storytelling and live readings! Is it free, though? So free. Is Metro close? You know it is. Do you have a TAP card? Show your Metro love and get 10% off book purchases. The weather? Warm and sunny and book-read-able. Saturday, March 28

    Bubblefest Opens: It's hard to think of a bigger event at the Discovery Cube in Santa Ana. Why? Because this is, soapy bubble blowers down, the science-minded center's premiere annual event. It's popular, thanks to the shows where all sorts of bubbles are blown -- including smoke bubbles and bouncing bubbles, say what -- and all of the ways that visitors can try their hand at soapy science. Have you ever put a tiny bubble in a larger bubble? How about three bubbles in one? Show off from March 28 through April 12. 

    LA Opera Costume Shop Sale: Do you need a full diva gown, complete with a beautifully stitched neckline and full skirt? How about an outlandish hat? Interesting pants once worn by a tenor? All of the above? The company's shop is moving locations -- from one downtown spot to another nearby -- and is taking the opportunity to clear out a few shelves. Or a lot of shelves: Over a thousand costumes will be for sale, starting with smaller bits and bobs for two bucks. Saturday, March 28 at 330 S. Alameda Street

    Earth Hour: Where will you be at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday night, March 28? That's the moment when Earth Hour kicks off, locally, wherever the time happens to be 8:30 p.m. Participating businesses from restaurants to hotels will lower lights, set out the candles, and observe 60 minutes of no electrical bulb use, all to raise conservation and eco-minded awareness. LAX traditionally lowers the lights on its iconic pylons, and other spots around Southern California will flip the switch. You can, too, at home, or find local places setting out the candlesticks.

    Boysenberry Festival: So many specific foodstuffs are oh-so-Golden-State-y -- fish tacos, sourdough bread, date shakes, yes, yes, yes -- but fewer from-the-vine edibles are very specifically California. The boysenberry is, though, and it is very associated -- make that very very -- with Knott's Berry Farm. Buena Park's famous theme park honors its sweet symbol each spring with a food-focused festival. This year's party opens on March 28, runs a couple of weeks, is accessible by paying park admission, and includes stuff like boysenberry flautas. We mean, really now. Boysenberry flautas. Bring us to those at once, please.

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