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Weekend: Dressy Disneyland Days

Will the old-school fedoras outnumber the mouse ears?



    Weekend: Dressy Disneyland Days
    Don a fancy-forward suit or frock and make for Disneyland. It's time for Dapper Days!

    DAPPER DAYS: What started as a way for stylish sorts to gussy up in vintage frocks and suits a few years back has become something of a fun phenomenon. The place? Disneyland. The participants? They're in dresses and hats and old-school wear, though not strictly vintage stuff, note (you should just go for a nice look, whatever that means to you). You just need to buy your park admission and then spend the day strutting about, visiting rides, and looking fine. Oh, and the happy news? Dapper Day is stretching to a full weekend this time around. Go Anaheim on Feb. 22 and 23.

    FIRECRACKER RUN: However you describe the sound of a firecracker in Chinatown -- does it "pop pop" or "sizzli sizzli"? -- you'll hear plenty of 'em on over the weekend. That's because the Firecracker bike ride and runs will set out, and the music-filled Firecracker Festival, too. Didn't get enough lively holiday joy at the Golden Dragon a couple of weeks back? The revelries continue, with pops and noise and sparks and energy.

    FREE CONCERT: Universal CityWalk is known for setting up the big stage and the big lights for up-and-coming acts, and then waiving the admission. They're going that route on Friday, Feb. 21 with performances by Mystery Skulls, My Crazy Girlfriend, Blake Michael, and Icona Pop. Yep, the Icona Pop of "I Love It" fame. Do you know have that catchy ditty in your head? We bet you do. For the rest of the day. Maybe the rest of the week, too.

    SNOW DAYS: No doubt about it, we'll look back upon this winter and marvel at its unwinterness (soon to possibly be a word in the dictionary). But a couple of the animals at the LA Zoo will get a cold weather treat on Saturday, Feb. 22 and Sunday, Feb. 23, and humans will, too. There shall be sledding for people on those dates and the Sumatran tiger and American black bear? They'll have snow to frolic in. It's a sweet sight, so come camera-ready, and mitten-ready, too, if you plan to sled away the end of winter.

    80s PROM PARTY: People who were around in the 1980s kind of knew, even then, that it was a decade that would live in fashion infamy. It's hard to realize that when you're inside the time, but with jellies, skinny ties, and neon hues, well, it wasn't difficult to know that future people would dress '80s forever, for a lark. They'll be doing so on Saturday, Feb. 22 at the Fonda. Got your lace gloves without the fingers? How about the shiny jacket? Good. Excellent. You're set.

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