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Weekend: LA Auto Show

What's under those famous silky covers? Only the cars of the future, is all.



    Weekend: LA Auto Show
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    An early peek at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show reveals covered debut cars aplenty. The show is open to the public Nov. 22 through Dec. 1. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

    LA Auto Show: Dozens of debuts are expected from dream-machine makers around the globe at this, one of the largest, best-attended, and sparkliest be-automobiled extravaganzas on the planet. We know, "sparkliest" is subjective, but one spin around the Los Angeles Convention Center reveals that if car-creating had a pull-out-all-stops prom, this would be it. Manufacturer test drives, celebs of the fender set, and those yank-the-silken-cover-off reveals are all part of the vroom-heavy confab. It's a long'un, too: Friday, Nov. 22 through Sunday, Dec. 1.

    Great Los Angeles Walk: Comics and funny sorts like to lampoon the fact that we're solely car-focused here (speaking of cars). But we do like to hoof it, and explore our city, and peek in shops, and learn the stories. This annual amble from the east part of town to the ocean attracts a few hundred people, who trek 18 or so miles together. This year's route? Echo Park to Santa Monica via Sunset and Wilshire. The date? Saturday, Nov. 23. The price? Free.

    Eat My Blog Bake Sale: If you haven't been to a school fundraiser or neighborhood block party in awhile, then you likely haven't enjoyed shopping a bake sale. Change that at Coolhaus in Pasadena, on Saturday, Nov. 23, when the food writers and bakers of LA come together to sell posh cupcakes and delectable cookies and snickerdoodles and everything that can crumble. The day's beneficiary is the Philippine Red Cross.

    Sawdust Winter Fantasy: The Sawdust Art Festival is such a staple of Laguna Beach's ocean-breezy summer that it can be easy to forget that it has a winter round, too. Oh, that's not true; who could forget the Sawdust come winter? The rambling aisles, the one-of-a-kind gifts, the charm, and, yep, the sawdust itself. Santa'll be around for this iteration, and some other festive additions, too. It's on for four weekends starting on Saturday, Nov. 23.

    Meet Chloe: The Aquarium of the Pacific has a new resident, or at least a new resident who is ready to meet the public. Her name is Chloe, she's a sea otter rescued from Pismo Beach, and she eats seven pounds a day (shrimp, squid, and such). Her big debut was on Nov. 21, meaning that her first public weekend is sure to attract otter aficionados. Or do we mean otternados? If we had an otter fan club, that would be what we'd call ourselves. Who's in?

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