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Weekend: Make Music Pasadena

Rock alongside 50,000+ other tune mavens on the streets of Old Town.



    Weekend: Make Music Pasadena
    Make Music Pasadena
    Some 50,000+ band fans'll show up to hear dozens of acts in over 30 venues during Make Music Pasadena. The free and out-sized tune party rolls on Saturday, June 6.

    MAKE MUSIC PASADENA: Let's start with three words: Metro Gold Line. When over 50,000 people are expected to shimmy into the comparably snug space that is Old Town Pasadena for twelve hours of free music, you'll want to map out your arrival and departure in advance. Over 30 venues are participating in what's called "the West Coast's largest free music festival," too, making for one lively day. That day is June 6 and the acts include Sir Sly and Kishi Bashi and a gamut of great music-makery. Gold Line? Gold Line.

    CATCONLA: If we wrote the following few sentences in cat-ese, employing just the word "meow," would you, as a cat lover, understand us? We'll guess yes, but just in case your cat-ese is rusty, here's the adorable info on one of SoCal's biggest feline festivals: It's at The Reef downtown on Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7. There'll be a caboodle of cat-y things and products and experts and stars. And it will be way adorbs. Are we permitted an "adorbs" here? Cooing over cats almost requires the use of cute cutisms.

    BREAD FESTIVAL: What's all this nonsense with constantly shooing the bread basket away? You know you want a warm slice of sourdough, a hunk of rye, a pretzel roll. Grand Central Market cheers the chewy, the soft, the tangy, the bready with what's billed as "LA's first-ever bread festival." Demos, talks, baker appearances and everything to do with loaves and toast will be spread wide, like so much butter on a sweet slice. Entry is free but of course bring cash for food. Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7

    GILMORE HERITAGE AUTO SHOW: Cars and the corner where the Original Farmers Market stands go way, way back, back to long-ago auto races held near there and Gilmore gasoline. The landmark public market at Third & Fairfax fetes fenders of an antique and retro nature each June with a free car show. Thunderbirds are the 2015 star car, though there shall be variety: Almost 100 vehicles are set to show. Will you walk around and peer deeply into front seats, engines and at dashboards? You will if cool cars seen for free is your bag. Saturday, June 6

    DANCE DOWNTOWN: Lovers of totally free things to do in totally cinema-worthy settings that are totally good for mind and body, rejoice: The Music Center Plaza will once again be the scene for swinging, salsa-ing and sashaying of all sorts, over seven tune-filled summer nights. Want to dance to Bollywood, disco, the tango? Night one is Friday, June 5 and the party parties on right into August. Summer has truly, fully, 100-percent-no-more-arguments arrived in Southern California.

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