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Weekend: Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival

Pirates, butter, and hats with claws: San Pedro, get ready.



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    Michael Justice
    The plates are out -- and the bibs handy -- at the Port of Los Angeles. Why? Why it's the Lobster Festival, from Friday, Sept. 12 through Sunday, Sept. 14.

    "THE WORLD'S LARGEST LOBSTER FESTIVAL": For sure, the Guinness Book of World Records has spotlighted this Port of Los Angeles butter-dipped bash on a few different counts, but, by anybody's count, the party is ocean-big. Well, not quite, but in spirit: Bunches of bands will play over the three-day bib-it-up, including Berlin featuring Terri Nunn, the parking is free, there are pirates rocking tri-cornered hats and "arrrrs," and crafts and dancing and marine mojo fills out the fun. Oh, and the crustacean at centerstage? They're flown in daily, straight from the Atlantic. Lobster dinners are twenty bucks each. Did we mention this thing is ocean-big? We're starting to regret that we took that assertion back. Friday, Sept. 12 through Sunday, Sept. 14.

    OKTOBERFEST TIME: The roll-out of September stein-raisers will happen over the next couple of weeks around Southern California, but it is hard not to tip our Tyrolean hat to Old World Huntington Beach, which is out the gate as fast as a dashing Dachshund. We said that on purpose, because, wait for it: The weiner-shaped cuties'll run like the happy dickens on Sunday, Sept. 14 and every Sunday during Oktoberfest. That's the opening day for the party, too, in case you need to up your schnitzel quotient, speedily.

    VOICES OF LA: It's a "cross-cultural art series showcasing Los Angeles's varied art practices," so think spoken word, live music, and dance. Several events have led up to the big celebratory party at the Wilshire Boulevard Temple on Sunday, Sept. 14, which will put the spotlight on a "mash-up of Jewish, Korean, Persian, Filipino, Japanese, and African-American Artists." La Santa Cecilia will rock on stage, and KCRW's Evan Kleinman? She'll be cooking/demo-ing. Call it a full feast of a local love-in kind of day.

    HALLOWEEN TIME AT DISNEYLAND: Oh good Goofy but Friday, Sept. 12 is a major day at the Magic Kingdom. The world's most famous theme park kicks off its spookiest season with villain meet-and-greets in Frontierland, the Haunted Mansion's "Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas" look, and Mickey's Halloween Party, which starts later in the month. And get this: It's also Dapper Day, meaning a ton of fancy-pantsed park goers shall stroll in their old-school finery. Halloween and pretty frocks, all at once? Tinkerbell's been sprinkling the sparkles, for sure.

    FROGTOWN ART WALK: The area along the LA River has been getting lavished with more and more love -- hello, LA River Fishing Derby and the bike-lounge-y Frog Spot -- but this stroll-and-eye-art event has been around for most of a decade. And there's fine reason why: Many artists and musicians call the river-snug neighborhood home. Peek inside local artists' studios, listen to bands, enjoy poetry, and zip by the river on a pedi-cab. Oh, and the walk itself? It's free. Fist pump. Saturday, Sept. 13

    ORIGINAL FARMERS MARKET FASHION SHOW: How would you dress if someone told you to don clothing reminiscent of the landmark public market at Third Street and Fairfax Avenue? Would you gussy up like the iconic clocktower? Would you dress like a bag of salted almonds or a burger or a milkshake or the green awnings? It's a challenge local designers are taking on. The results? Models shall sashay outside the market on Friday, Sept. 12 at 6 p.m.