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Weekend: Queen Mary ScotsFestival

The shindig on the big boat? It has dogs, sheep, whisky, and bagpipes.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    Queen Mary
    Sheepherding by a certain superstar ocean liner? That's Queen Mary's ScotsFestival. Don your plaid and go LBC on Saturday, Feb. 15 and Sunday, Feb. 16.

    QUEEN MARY SCOTSFESTIVAL AND HIGHLAND GAMES: A certain mega-ton forever-docked ocean liner may be much associated with Long Beach these days, but it was born on the banks of the River Clyde in Scotland. (If the welding of a giant boat can indeed be called a "birth" of sorts, but we believe it can be.) And each year the Queen Mary RMS honors its plaidly past with two days of caber tossing, sheep-herding, kilt-wearing, and whisky sipping. Whisky sans the "e," of course. Dates are Feb. 15 and 16, oh, oh, oh, and here's a fun fact: Did you know the Queen Mary has its own tartan? Blue is the prominent hue, for the ocean.

    MEET THE PRESIDENTS: The quartet of presidents carved upon Mount Rushmore -- that would be Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln, of course -- will call upon the Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda to chat with fans on history, the White House, and more. Admission is free on Monday, Feb. 17, stirring patriotic tunes shall play, and cherry pie? That's free for the first 100 people who show.

    NATIONAL PARK GETAWAY: Not every location within the National Park Service charges a get-in fee but some do (133 out of 401, actually). The asterisk? Entrance fees are waived on certain days of the year, including all three days of Presidents' Day Weekend.  Think of all the postcards, sunblock, granola bars, or plushy hiking socks you might purchase by saving the cash to get into Joshua Tree or Yosemite. The weather should be fine, ish, for lots of the parks, but eye the forecast.

    19 DOG CONTESTS: A caboodle of canine competitions will give a bark -- make that many, many barks -- at Marine Stadium in Long Beach on Sunday, Feb. 16. The one you just might see on the news? The Bulldog Beauty Pageant. An ugly dog contest and a senior dog pageant will give a yap-yap, too. Want to enter your pup in one of the good-spirited showdowns? You still can.

    VALENTINE'S KICK-OFF: Is it a good day when the lovingest day of the year starts a weekend or ends it? Depends on your plans, but Friday seems a fine day for whatever fancy and/or frisky outings you have going. Need some offbeat and/or cheaper to-dos? Here they are, including a hot dog built for two that'll be served throughout the weekend at the Dog Haus.

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