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Weekend: Tall Ships, Cannon Battles, Rubber Ducks

The mondo masts hold court at the Port of Los Angeles (and that giant duck, too).



    Weekend: Tall Ships, Cannon Battles, Rubber Ducks
    Tall Ships
    Watch a cannon battle, tour a tall ship, and spy the World's Largest Rubber Duck. Where? In San Pedro, through Sunday, Aug. 24.

    TALL SHIPS FESTIVAL: For sure, the vast vessels'll be out and skimming about the Port of Los Angeles (think American Pride, the Schooner Curlew, and the Bill of Rights among them). Definitely, there shall be cannon battles and kid activities and chances to go aboard. But you know everyone is all aquack about the World's Largest Duck, a six-story inflatable, floatable artwork, visiting the shiply confab? It's the whimsical phenom's first West Coast visit, by the by. Through Sunday Aug. 24

    FYF FEST: It's sold out, but that's no surprise, since this two-day music festival has been growing like a well-watered seed in fresh soil over the last eleven years. It lands at LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park this go-around -- a long way from its early club beginnings -- and it brings with it The Strokes, Haim, Interpol, Phoenix, Grimes, Built to Spill, and Kindness. We said it was sold out, yeah? Thank goodness you can ride Expo Line there. (Said casually, as a suggestion, but you really probably should.) Saturday, Aug. 23 and Sunday, Aug. 24

    LOS ANGELES FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL: So you say you like cuisine-focused happenings where chefs are up for chitchat and restaurants are up for serving their best bites and foodists are up for tasting events that pay tribute to specific ingredients, beverages, eats. You're in luck: This stalwart is spreading out, as in past years, to Santa Monica, Hollywood, Downtown, and Beverly Hills. The to-dos are a la carte, so do what you like. And is it on through Sunday, Aug. 24? Can't talk, mouth full.

    '90s NIGHT: They say that trends and pop-culture-y things take about 20 years to come back around, which means we're all rocking 1994-style scrunchies and chokers right about now, yes? Good. Then take your '90s-outfitted self to the Music Center Plaza on Friday, Aug. 22, for Dance Downtown. It's all '90s tunes and dance favorites, all night, and it is free. By the by, some "running man" moves are promised during the event. Not as easy as it looks, but what a crowd-pleaser.

    DOWNTOWN DARK NIGHTS: Once and awhile, every now and again, there isn't much doing, entertainment- and sports-wise, at L.A. Live. Nokia Theatre is quite, Staples Center, too. With that in mind, the complex is launching a Happy-Hour-y affair that'll include five-buck food specials at participating restaurants and five-buck parking in a particular area of the garages. Live tunes, street performers, and other diversions await, downtowners. The first run is on Friday, Aug. 22.