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Weekend: Tet Festival

Lunar new year celebrations continue, in Costa Mesa and Alhambra.



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    Dang Ho
    The Tet Festival finds a new home in Costa Mesa in 2014. Welcome the Year of the Horse from Feb. 7 through 9 at the OC Fair & Events Center.

    TET FESTIVAL: It's billed as "the world's largest Tet Festival," but a change has come for the long-based-in-Garden-Grove new year's celebration. Costa Mesa is its new home for 2014, the OC Fair & Event Center to be specific, which should nicely hold the 100,000 attendees, give or take. They'll be there to welcome the Year of the Horse, enjoy sweet Vietnamese treats and all kinds of pho yumminess, and enjoy traditional lion dances. Oh yes, and there are several contests, too, including flower arranging. Ready to summon the spirit of the year ahead? Go Costa Mesa from Feb. 7-9.

    ALHAMBRA NEW YEAR CELEBRATION: A big, big, big festivity is heading for the San Gabriel Valley, also with new year's wishes at its celebratory heart. It's Alhambra's 23rd new year's welcome, and a street festival is one of the major happenings. Oh yes, and lion dances, Kung Fu demos, and performances of all sorts? There are stages for those. The date? It's Saturday, Feb. 8.

    LOS ANGELES TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE SHOW: How glad we are that this mondo get-out-and-go-tacular arrives around the beginning of February, when we have a few months to daydream, and actually plan, a warm-weather getaway. Hotels, cruise lines, ski destinations, and just about everywhere that people go for fun-having show up to booth it up, and travel experts, too: Rick Steves and Samantha Brown are two speakers. Be in LBC on Feb. 8-9, adventurer. (NBC4 is a show sponsor.)

    HAMMER MUSEUM GOES FREE: A certain institution at the corner of Wilshire and Westwood Boulevards has been a beacon of great art and ideas for nearly a quarter century. But there's a new chapter starting, and it is very much about free admission. Yes, art aficionados, the Hammer is going "Free for Good" starting on Sunday, Feb. 9. Parking still costs but getting in? Prepare to spend exactly zilcho.

    GROWN-UP GALLIVANTING: Ever been to a Valentine's-y talk on mating and courtship at a zoo? Ohhh good koalas, but it is fascinating. The LA Zoo is the spot for this year's love-among-the-beasties talk, and the date is Feb. 8. And long to slip into your corset, lace gloves, and top hat? We bet, stylish steampunkian. The Edwardian Ball sashays into the Fonda, with cheek and fabulousness, on Saturday, Feb. 8.