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Weekend: The Last Last Remaining Seats

Don your fedora and watch "Casablanca" on the big screen.



    Weekend: The Last Last Remaining Seats
    Gary Leonard
    Yep, you should rock a fedora to go see "Casablanca" on the big screen in Beverly Hills (but remove it during the film, of course). The last Last Remaining Seats screening rolls on Saturday, June 29.

    "Casablanca" at the Saban: We have an uncontroversial theory that a certain Humphrey Bogart gem is the one film everyone can quote but not everyone has seen. Want to change that? LA Conservancy is screening it, twice, on Saturday, June 29 in Beverly Hills. It's the last Last Remaining Seats screening of the summer, note, and your ticket helps out local preservation. And yes, you should definitely fedora it up, like the gent pictured, but, yeah, remove your hat when the film starts. It's just a matter of manners.

    Time Travel Sunday: Southern California has a few older buildings, you might have noticed, but even enthusiasts who are into our region's backstory are still discovering new structures they've never seen. But how good are you at pairing past photos with today's buildings? Pretty good? Then head downtown on Sunday, June 30 and prove your stuff. Atlas Obscura and losangelespast.com are helming a day that puts pics into hands and sends scavenger hunters on the search for the current incarnation of the photo.

    Wanderlust in the City: The Wanderlust Festivals are among the premiere yoga and music and enlightenment gatherings on the planet. California is home to one -- it's in Squaw Valley every July -- but Wanderlust hits the road, too, bringing some bliss to select cities. Santa Monica is next up. Want to join dozens and dozens of people downward-dog-ing on the pier on Sunday, June 30? Best grab your mat and start stretching, seeker.

    Free Shakespeare in the Park: Sitting on some semi-damp patch of grass and watching actors place a hand on their heart and shout "forsooth," all for no admission price, is a summer thing in cities everywhere. Three plays, two of them by the Bard, will roll at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park, starting this weekend, through Sept. 1, on select nights. Wearing something bodice-y? Yeah, you probably are.

    Danny's Not Here, Mrs. Torrance: Or won't be after Sunday, June 30. Seen the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art? It's about to head out of town. We picture the whole thing leaving in a sparkly burst of multi-hued light, a la the end of "2001: A Space Odyssey." But, probably, they'll have some big trucks come pick up all the movie artifacts. (Nah, we're going with the space burst of light, in our mind.)