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Welcome to Carol Burnett Square

Can you guess the intersection? Hint: There's a mural of the star.



    Welcome to Carol Burnett Square
    Carol Burnett
    The intersection of Highland Avenue and Selma Boulevard will receive a special designation on Thursday, April 18: Carol Burnett Square.

    So many interesting people in the arts and sciences have called Southern California home over the decades, and a handful of them have received a very special and rather wonderfully ordinary designation: an intersection or "square" named in their honor.

    We say "ordinary" because intersections are something we all use and see every day. It's the best of honors, we think, given that thousands of people will see the designation on any given day.

    A hilarious hometowner is up next for the municipal accolade given by the City of Los Angeles.

    Carol Burnett Square is set to be officially named at 2p.m. Thursday, April 18 in Hollywood. Councilmember Tom LaBonge is doing the presenting duties, and the public is invited to attend.

    Now for the location. Have a guess? That should be a pretty easy one. Think hard. Where have you seen the comedian? In Hollywood? On a giant, star-studded mural? At the place she went to school?

    Ding ding ding: Carol Burnett Square will be at Highland Avenue and Selma Avenue, next to Hollywood High, the star's alma mater.

    Ms. Burnett also called the neighborhood home when she was a girl. She couldn't have imagined as she crossed the street at Highland and Selma hundreds of times that it would one day bear a sign with her name.

    And the comedian still has strong ties to her school: the Honor of Distinction award at the Performing Arts Center is named after her as well.

    The television icon is not the first Angeleno to receive a square named in hisor her honor. Writers Ray Bradbury and John Fante both have squares named in their memory downtown, and there are many others dotting the city.

    Surely someone has a blog covering each and every honorary square in LA? Please get on that, civic-minded, history-loving bloggers. We'll follow.