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Welcome to LA, Big Gay Ice Cream

The Big Apple favorite heads downtown for its first West Coast shop.



    Welcome to LA, Big Gay Ice Cream
    Big Gay Ice Cream
    New York City is wild about Big Gay Ice Cream, so lucky for LA that the shop is headed west. Look for it to land downtown later in 2014.

    Whoever said good things arrive in threes -- and, really, we kind of all say that by habit, right? -- was absolutely prescient about a trio of New York City foodie favorites arriving in Los Angeles in 2014.

    NYC dairy icon Murray's Cheese, which has made California in-roads, is set to open its 100th store in Studio City on Saturday, Feb. 1. And Grimaldi's will start serving its Brooklyn-nice pies in El Segundo on Jan. 29.

    Now word arrives that Big Gay Ice Cream is making its way to downtown LA later in 2014.

    The LA Times announced the sweet news, which is lovely on three fronts. One? We welcome New York's finest food here, with open arms, because we don't believe in that rivalry bunk. Do you? No. Let's share the love.

    Two? This is happening near the new Ace Hotel on Broadway, giving further confirmation to the hearsay that that whole section is boom-boom-boom-ing.

    And three? Please. It's Big Gay Ice Cream. The dessert-a-tarium's West Village shop's window features a giant unicorn enjoying a rainbow-striped treat, and you know what the rule is: If there's a unicorn in a window savoring dessert, you're practically obligated to go in and spend a little money in thanks.

    Whimsy and cheek deserve much reward in this world.

    The flavors are as wink-wonderful and imaginative. The Bea Arthur? If that's not the first ice cream cone Angelenos request, we'll be saddened. The Mermaid? Crushed graham crackers are involved, so we're pre-flipping our tails in anticipation. (That's what mermaids do, right? Flip their tails when they're happy?)

    Cheers to BGIC's honchos Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff, who kicked the whole delicious enterprise off with a truck just under a half decade back. Did they know that downtown Los Angeles would be in their future? Should we thank that unicorn for a little ice cream magic? We probably should.

    For more flavors, history, and tasty goodness, get to know the Big Gay Ice Cream story.

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