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Whimsy, Green Fur, and Lots of Whos: Grinchmas

A chance to meet the Grinch and Max? Yeah, you're at Universal Studios Hollywood.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    Universal Studios Hollywood
    The Grinch and Max'll hold comical court at Universal Studios Hollywood on select days through late November and December.

    If you went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood earlier in the fall, and you hopped on the Terror Tram -- that's the classic studio tram tour, of course, only with eek-y stuff swirled in -- then you saw it: Whoville, in all of its Dr. Seuss-cute glory.

    It's right there on the back lot, all whimsy and twisty-turny buildings, and while walkers from "The Walking Dead" had invaded it for the Halloween event, it served as a reminder that the Grinch does indeed live at Universal.

    Which means that Grinchmas -- the theme park's annual ode to a certain foul-tempered but lovable icon -- is a regular holiday happening at the high-on-a-hill play place. It's set to open on Thanksgiving Day and scowl on select days right through December.

    And we say "scowl" we mean it in the cheekiest sense. Yes, the Grinch needs a few social nicety lessons, but bet he'll be perfectly pleasant when he poses for photos with guests, along with Max (who, by the by, is played by a real pooch during the Grinchmas run).

    Other Grinchmas stocking stuffers include a backlot "Whobilation" in Whoville -- singing Whos, ahoy! -- and park decor that fits the Seuss-sweet tale, including a mega tree.

    And, nope, you probably will not see any walkers leftover from Halloween Horror Nights in Whoville, though you will likely spy what's right next door: The Bates Motel from the original "Psycho."

    Oh, Universal, you do enchant with your wide breadth of properties and celebrations.

    And lest anyone quibble with us saying that the Grinch lives at Universal, we know, we know: He lives on Mount Crumpit. So maybe we can all agree that he holidays in Universal City? Good.

    Grinchmas is on at Universal Studios Hollywood on select days from Thursday, Nov. 28 through Tuesday, Dec. 31.

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