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Winged Things on Flittery Approach

One of spring's personal hangouts readies its Natural History Museum return.



    Winged Things on Flittery Approach
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    The Butterfly Pavilion at the Natural History Museum? It's open from mid-April through Sept. 1, but tickets go on sale on March 15.

    There are things we're wont to point out when we're in the Great Outdoors. The sun probably gets a pass, because nobody should be looking into it, of course, and it is very there.

    But a gorgeous pink rose? We'll point at that. A hummingbird? That gets a shout-out (a quiet shout-out, of course, lest it flit away). And a butterfly? They're the superstars of the garden, elusive and darty and prone to fluttering off. So, yeah, we point when we see, despite that whole "don't point at things rule." 

    That's waived for butterflies, right?

    So point away, regardless of what your parents told you, inside the Natural History Museum's Butterfly Pavilion. We can confidently call it a springtime favorite, and a summer one as well -- it hangs around through early September each year.

    And with fine reason. Because butterflies are so elusive, as stated, it is a pleasure to see so many in one place in such profusion. Some 30 species shall flit in the museum-adjacent enclosure, and 20 are Golden Staters. Hello, Monarch. Hello, Buckeye. Hello, wonderfully named Mourning Cloak.

    The plants at the pavilion will be butterfly favorites, so flora fans'll have much to admire as well. And staffers? They'll be around to discuss pupae and such. Surely you'll arrive pondering pupae-based topics? Don't they cross all of our minds, from time to time?

    The pavilion is open from Sunday, April 13 through Monday, Sept. 1. But tickets? Those go on sale on Saturday, March 15. Feel free to point at a calendar right now, if it'll help you remember the on-sale date.

    Pointing is a-ok, when butterflies are involved. Right, parents everywhere? Fleeting wonders must be acknowledged and fast.

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