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You + an Ancient Beast, Hamming It Up

The Natural History Museum's new stop-and-pose station is dino-riffic.



    You + an Ancient Beast, Hamming It Up
    Natural History Museum
    Heading to the Natural History Museum's Dinosaur Hall? You may encounter this cuddly cutie.

    The fact is you'll probably be at the Natural History Museum in the next couple of months. We know we're assuming here, and we know what assuming does, but we're not wrong. Here's our case.

    1. Bug Fair is just ahead on, Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19. Given that it is the largest insect fair in North America, and given the fact that you like creepy-crawly things and don't squeal over them (too loudly) and you appreciate the beneficial roles that multi-legged creatures play in our lives, you're going. Right? You are. Let's move on.

    2. The Nature Gardens, the new 3 1/2-acre addition to the Exposition Park institution, will debut in June, along with Nature Lab, "an indoor, on-hands hub for citizen science." Is there any hub better than an on-hands hub? Nope, there's not. Moving on.

    3. Devo and GZA/The Genius will play their music at the museum's 100th Birthday Bash on June 9. Devo and dinosaurs? Please. Those two components are in like every other dream we have. There's something mystical at work here.

    And speaking of dinosaurs, check it out: There's a brand-new photo station where you enter the still newish Dinosaur Hall. Yep, it's a green-screener, and yep, you have the option of buying your pictures at the end of your visit.

    But, really, how often do you get to do a "a dinosaur's chasing me?" pose, complete with frozen fake scream, in this day and age? Like never, right? We don't know your lifestyle, so we can't make judgments, but we'll make a confident guess here.

    In short? You want this photo, maybe for this year's holiday cards.

    And lastly? See you at NHM. Because you're going. We all are.

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